Tansui Calligraphy School 

The school was founded in 1959 by Nishimura Tansui as Yamaguchi Branch of Bunka Shodo Gakkai (Calligraphy Culture Association). It has been involved in running of Chugoku-Shikoku Society of the same association, annuallyholding calligraphy exhibitions in various locations.

President: Nishimura Tansui

Tansui is from Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. After receiving awards at Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Exhibitions and others, his calligraphy reached its current precise and beautiful style. Soon after founding the association, he nurtured it to become a large organization with over 400 disciples during
the 1970’s. The total number of disciples he has taught exceeds several thousand. He has also served as a board member for Chugoku-Shikoku Society of the Calligraphy Culture Association as well as president of Yamaguchi Branch of the same association. He has also worked as KRY Culture Center instructor. He has been sick in bed since the spring of 2000 and iscurrently rehabilitating.

Lead Manager: Nishimura Shisui

Shisui is from Yamaguchi City. He started his calligraphy career at the age of 3 under the guidance of his father Tansui. Shisui constantly received 3 to 4 awards each year at art and calligraphy exhibitions. He is not only a calligrapher but also a musician. After working with Kokubu Hiroko’s music group in 1989, he has been actively engaged in performance, studio work and sound production. He has recently participated in jazz recordings, releasing CD’s in Japan and overseas including Britain.

In August 2000, he returned from to look after his father. Ever since, he has been the acting manager of Tansui Calligraphy School, giving instruction to his students. He has also been producing “calligraphic art” with the theme of “Calligraphy as a Living Art.” In November 2000, he held his first personal exhibition. He has appeared on NHK, local TV networks and radio shows. In addition to his calligraphy lessons, he also provides music lessons. His main theme is “Sending cultural messages to the world.” His music concept name is “Salon D’Orange,” which is originated from the orange color which signifies the ultimate sacredness of the Asian traditional religious art.

2000.11 『Tansui -Shisui exhibition.』(click the photo!)


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